Create A Well-Rounded Business Strategy Backed By Market Data From The Global Market Model

Create A Well-Rounded Business Strategy Backed By Market Data From The Global Market Model

A well-rounded business strategy can only be created when it is backed by accurate and relevant market data. The Global Market Model is a versatile market research platform that caters to all of your data requirements by offering a 360-degree view of the market both locally and globally. The GMM's market tool gives you a thorough grasp of the value of a specific industry based on market production, imports, and exports over various calculated periods, such as historical, current year, and future. You can also compare multiple geographies in an industry or multiple industries in a geography and drill down up to 6 levels within markets, all of it by using our Market Tool. The data is presented in a graphical and tabular format that is simple to analyze and can be used in official presentations to support your strategic business plans.

Global Market Model, The Business Research Company’s market intelligence platform, is an online subscription-based database available to corporates, consultancies, and other entities. The platform helps users stay up-to-date on important worldwide marketplaces and enables them to make business decisions backed by verified, accurate data. It also examines different market prospects in your sector and highlights various opportunities that can be leveraged by your business. The online portal offers access to 3000+ global markets and metrics across 27 industries and 60 geographies, including historic and forecast data with timely insights, analytics tools, a comprehensive taxonomy, and more, which can be experienced by requesting a free demo/trial with annual subscription options.

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The GMM platform is a one-step solution for essential intelligence required for your business growth. Always stay ahead of the competition by accessing our latest insight on trends and strategies that are constantly updated in our database. Request customized datasets across markets, geographies, and industries and have them delivered within 72 hours. Our 24-hour customer and analyst support team are available to address any queries you have, ensuring that you make the best use of our platform.

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The Business Research Company’s flagship product, Global Market Model, is a market intelligence platform covering various macroeconomic indicators and metrics across 60 geographies and 27 industries. The Global Market Model covers multi-layered datasets which help its users assess supply-demand gaps.

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The Business Research Company is a market intelligence firm that excels in company, market, and consumer research. Located globally it has specialist consultants in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, chemicals, and technology. It has offices in the UK, the US and India and a network of trained researchers in 28+ countries globally. 

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